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A NEW, FREE Business Directory ONLY for small local companies who are based in Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont.

We are here to promote these companies to local residents through Facebook and Twitter to do what we can to help local businesses grow. Customers will be able to come and leave reviews, and businesses will be able to respond to those reviews. We will try and ensure that everyone uses the site fairly, and that we act as a positive force to support our local economy!


In order to add a listing to our system, you need to sign up. This allows us to contact you easily in the event of any queries, resolve any questions that come up from reviews, and generally keep the site as honest and open as possible. We will never share any details about you that aren’t listed in the main site.

Add Your Business

Once you’ve registered on the site, you’ll want to add a listing for your company. Please complete as many fields as you can, but most are not required fields. If anything vital is missing we will contact you. All listings are moderated, you will get an email when your listing is approved.


If you are searching for a local business this is the button you need. This will take you to the main directory where you can search for the local companies by name, by location or by service category. If you have any problems finding the company you want, or generally using the site, let us know.